If you found this article then you probably pretty irritated with Netflix, Microsoft, Silverlight, and anything else you could punt, catapult, or incinerate. The N8152 error was only affecting 1 of the multiple PCs that I use (Windows 7), and unfortunately it was my kids.. So no cartoons on demand.

After scowering the web for insight into what the issue may be, I kept reading the same fixes over, and over. Uninstall, reinstall, delete the PlayReady folder. The answer came after poking around the plugin while the error was onscreen. Right click on any Silverlight screen (the error page will work fine), and you should get a Silverlight menu:

After clicking on the menu select the application storage tab, and my suggestion is to "Delete All", but I guess you could try to just delete the Netflix entries.


Hope this helps!


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