Uverse RG MAC Abuse

Symptoms: Uverse service and hosts with multiple IPs losing reach-ability.

Cause: Uverse "RG" firmware abuses MAC addressing for the sake of security.

Workaround: Add a router and take advantage of "router behind router" feature.



If you found this article then you probably pretty irritated with Netflix, Microsoft, Silverlight, and anything else you could punt, catapult, or incinerate. The N8152 error was only affecting 1 of the multiple PCs that I use (Windows 7), and unfortunately it was my kids.. So no cartoons on demand.

I've been playing with converting machines to VMs and working with qemu. dd seems to be the easiest way to accomplish this on a linux (probably works well with M$).

Crypto'ed filesystems are an easy means to secure data, especially with all the extra processor power available in PCs today. I have used the following method for enabling crypto on a few of my filesystems, and this method is usable on both windows and Linux.


This how-to is irrelevant since recent versions of android work without modification with openvpn. 

Android IPSEC VPN setup.
So it has been a while since I have written anything worth posting.. I recently picked up an LG Optimus S from Sprint during a free web special. It is a wonderful phone, but lacked VPN capabilities just like the blackberry. With a little research I lucked into getting functionality resembling the cisco vpn client.


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